What are a former pilot and an economist doing together? When the founders of Armi Energy Drink met, it became clear that they wanted to develop an innovative product: and they developed the formula of the first functional premium drink.
Together they created not only a unique taste but also a way of looking at life: 

transform your energy into success.


We are pleased to present the new energy drink ARMI ENERGY DRINK, developed in collaboration with the Martinez family owners of ARMI ENERGY DRINK, S.L in one of the most prestigious LABORATORIES in Germany and packaged in Austria.

This new product developed by ARMI ENERGY DRINK, S.L that we present, is born in 2015 with the work and effort to evolve an unique energy drink in the world market. With the business plan designed by our company ARMI ENERGY DRINK, S.L., it will be established among the best Premium brands in the market alongside the two leading brands in this national and international sector in a very short period of time.

The company is 100% Spanish with headquarters in Cabanillas del Campo (Guadalajara), and its manufacture is located in Austria, due to its extraordinary water springs in those regions. The syrup that gives the taste and that special touch to our Energy drink, is born through a long period of tests and trials, so that it is really unique and different from the competition (trademark as syrup registered and patented by ARMI ENERGY DRINK, SL), and is manufactured in one of the most prestigious laboratories in the world. Initially the production begins with 2 different products, the original flavor in cans of 250 ml / 500ml and the flavor without sugar also in cans of 250 ml / 500ml and it is expected in a very short future to extend our range of flavors with the special touch of Armi Energy Drink, SL.


ARMI ENERGY DRINK, SL, has its headquarters in Cabanillas del Campo/Guadalajara, where its administrative offices and Brand development are currently located.

The production of Sirope in Germany and the final packaging of the drink in Austria, having its logistics distributed between the packaging plant in Austria and Madrid. A Management Team, made up of professional owners with a long business history and higher education, who have been able to embody their character and identity in all the products currently being developed by ARMI ENERGY DRINK, SL. A simple business structure, although it does not prevent them from managing, marketing, logistics and developing ARMI ENERGY DRINK, SL through quick and effective decision-making without many intermediaries, which leads us to be a nationally recognized brand with satisfactory evolution, with quality products and high rotation through its Exclusive Distributors.

In the international field, special interest has been given in Europe, Asia, the United States and Africa, initiating commercial relations in these countries with projects that make ARMI ENERGY DRINK, SL and its products known as a Spanish brand through its Exclusivity Licensees in these Countries.